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Titan Restoration of Arizona has been in business since 2005, but even before that, Titan’s owner, Russ Palmer was addressing water losses and doing structural drying with a small water damage restoration company called FloodPro. Russ Palmer and his teams have been in the restoration industry for over two decades and have a huge accumulation of experience and knowledge.

Over the course of those years we have seen it all—all kinds of losses, accidents, natural disasters, and traumatic events. We have taken care of thousands of residential and commercial clients and been there for them in some very challenging and stressful circumstances.

We thought you might enjoy hearing some of the stories from our restoration experiences and how our core values have allowed us to meet the needs of our customers and establish ourselves as a leader in local restoration as well as in the industry all across the country.

Along the way we have seen the restoration practices and business models of other competitors and we believe that we provide the most exceptional restoration product available and deliver it with the most efficiency, best communication practices, and highest standards of work.

At Titan, our motto is: We Minimize Loss.

We minimize loss for our customers by responding quickly to emergencies, using the most effective and up-to-date techniques to improve our efficiency and outcomes and also prevent further damage.

We also minimize losses for insurance carriers because we use the best practices to mitigate losses, the amount of demolition, unnecessary delays, and waste of time or materials.

We are proud of our record, our reputation, and our results.

In this article we will tell you some of the good, bad, and funny experiences our team has had while we have accomplished our restoration work around the Phoenix metro area.

We hope to help you understand the strategies and values that have made Titan so successful as we do so. We think that these stories will give you an idea of our strengths as a company and the positive impact we have tried to make in our community.


As is often the case, the restoration work we do requires that we move quickly so that life can return to normal as quickly as possible.

This is true for both residential and commercial projects. In the case of residential restoration, it is often a matter of convenience for the family affected by the loss and so we always try to work quickly while providing the very best results.

In the case of restoration on a commercial property, it is vital to work as quickly and efficiently as possible because when the business stops, so does revenue and the ability for the affected business to help its customers.

Titan Restoration of Arizona is always prepared to respond quickly and efficiently so our commercial clients can be operational as soon as possible. Our work is not limited by the clock or the calendar and we prioritize quality and speed, with minimal disruption, so that our customers can get back to doing what they do best.

One example of this occurred on a Friday afternoon, in January of 2018. For this project, we met with Arizona Specialty Hospital in response to a water loss and concerns about mold in a sterile care area.

In this case, mold remediation was required for an entire wall and because of the sensitive nature of the area and the safety of the hospital and its patients, we needed to act quickly.

Within hours of the initial meeting, a secure and sterile containment was set up with appropriate filters to ensure negative air pressure and the sensitive, sterile equipment was decontaminated and wrapped.

By 9 pm that night, just a few hours after our initial meeting, the Titan crew was onsite and demolition and cleaning were completed by early the next morning. Cleaning and disinfection of mold spores commenced immediately.

On Saturday afternoon our reconstruction team arrived to begin insulation and hanging drywall. Then our crew returned on Sunday to finish drywall repairs, paint, run mold tests, and clean and dismantle the containment area.

The entire job was estimated, demoed, repaired, cleaned, inspected and tested over a weekend, while working in a clean space environment with sterile protocols. The area was operational for the hospital in three days, testing clean with complete eradication of mold.

The hospital director and safety officer recognized the efficient turnaround noting, “The services provided were very professional and exactly the type of services we enjoy partnering with.”

From this example you can see that we value safety at Titan and we take the necessary steps and precautions to ensure that we don’t have cross-contamination and instead minimize losses.

It also demonstrates Titan’s commitment to helping our clients get back to business or back to life as quickly and as efficiently as possible with the least amount of disruption.


One thing that we have learned as a restoration company over the years is that accidents and damage and loss rarely happen at a convenient time.

We do our work around the clock on every day of the calendar year. Storms, floods, fires, accidents, or whatever has caused the loss can happen at any time and the faster we can respond, the more we can minimize loss.

One night last summer during monsoon season, a large pine tree fell, crashing through the roof of a home. The heavy truck smashed through the roof of the home and left a huge hole in the bedroom ceiling.

The problem was, because the roof was so severely damaged, it meant the home and its contents were exposed to the elements.

There were heavy rains with the storm and water was getting into the home.

Additionally, during monsoon season, the storms roll in one after another with regularity so we needed to protect the home from the elements as quickly as possible.

Our crews arrived and removed the tree trunk and branches with chainsaws.

Once the tree was out of the way, they were able to secure a large tarp to protect the bedroom from further damage while the roof and walls of the room were repaired and restored.

In order to minimize loss, our crews got to work as quickly as possible, removing the tree and erecting tarps so that the exposure to the elements could be limited.


In one project we were called to, a roofing company had inadvertently overloaded the roof of a commercial property with new roofing materials.

Overloading the roof caused a collapse of the roof and severely damaged the building’s trusses.

Titan first shored up the damaged trusses while the insurance company worked out the details on the claim. These reinforcements allowed the business to remain open while the estimator and adjustors completed their work.

Once the insurance company gave the greenlight, the job itself required the rerouting of 320 feet of fire sprinklers from the webbing of the damaged trusses. While the sprinklers were offline, Titan provided 24 hours fire watch to protect the property.

We also rerouted over 1000 feet of electrical conduit and 160 feet of high pressure airlines from the webbing of the old trusses. The project required detaching and resetting two swamp coolers and, of course, removing and replacing all the broken roof trusses.

This required the installation of 21 trusses, twenty feet high into the ceiling. Once the forty-foot trusses were replaced, we reinstalled 1700 square feet of plywood.

This was an extensive project involving electrical, HVAC, sprinkler and compressed air systems, and extensive material reconstruction, all of which was completed in a month while the commercial business remained open and operational the entire time.

When Titan Restoration of Arizona is hired to work on any commercial project we make every effort to coordinate our work with the affected business, to allow them to remain open and conduct their business as usual whenever possible.


In late summer of 2018, Titan Restoration of Arizona was called to Talking Stick Resort after severe flash flooding from a summer monsoon storm flooded their property and wiped out the power.

The resort suffered a huge amount of damage from the flooding, but also faced significant losses from having to close their resort for an extended period of time and cancel events.

When we arrived on scene, the power was out. Water had flooded an area of the resort that housed the main power system and the backup generators. The result was a complete loss of power to the resort and casino.

Because of safety and security concerns the property was in the process of being evacuated. Nearly two million gallons of dirty, sewage contaminated water was filling all the lower levels of the resort and the damage was extensive.

Our first priority was addressing the security and safety concerns for the resort and its patrons. But, once the resort was evacuated, the chief concern was pumping the water out.

In order to do that we concentrated on coordinating a temporary power supply so that we could start removing the millions of gallons of water that had filled offices, conference rooms, hotel rooms, kitchens, meeting facilities, gaming floors, as well as the main electrical and plumbing tunnel for the resort.

As we have pointed out throughout this article, our highest goal is always to minimize losses wherever we can and the longer the water remained in the resort the more damage was being done.

Our crews were called onsite immediately and worked around the clock to pump water and drain the millions of gallons of accumulation.

However, the biggest challenge by far was clearing and disinfecting the 17,000 sq. ft tunnel that ran under the resort and housed all the electrical and plumbing materials for the property.

When the tunnel filled with water from the flash flood, debris broke the sewer lines, leaving the tunnel completely filled and contaminated with 30 foot high CAT 3 water.

In a situation like this, of course, biological and microbial hazards are always the top concern as well as the resulting unpleasant odor complications.

We started by rinsing the tunnel with a fire hose and then we had eight of our guys suit up and apply ProKurechemical treatments throughout the entire affected area.

The tunnel is 30 feet high and it took about five hours for the application, but we passed all our clearance tests, including both the air tests and swabs on the first run.

This allowed the plumbers and electricians to be able to get in and complete their work so the resort could get up and running again.

This was a huge loss for our client, in both revenue and reputation, and they were dependent on us to get them up and running as soon as possible.

The damage was extensive, the losses were significant, the risks to safety were high, and time was of the essence.

The seven-week mitigation required 250 technicians and over 24,000 man hours. In addition to cleaning and disinfecting the maintenance tunnel, our team restored the entire property, removing and replacing over 31,000 square feet of drywall.

We were proud of the work we did and speed at which we were able accomplish the job and pass all the inspections.


When you have been in the restoration business as long as we have, you also learn to expect the unexpected.

In one case, we were working on a water damage loss at a house, where the owners had lots of animals. One of them was a huge iguana.

When we arrived at the house to assess the damage, this huge iguana was hanging out in the bathtub of the room where the damage was. The couple explained that they would remove all the animals from the property before we started work and began demolition.

So the job was scheduled and demolition began. We set up the area to minimize dust and preserve the air quality. The next day before we arrived, the couple called and said their iguana was missing.

When we arrived to do more demo later that day, we pulled out a sheet of drywall, and suddenly SNAP! WHIP! came this huge tail from behind the wall, and the iguana ran out of the side of the wall.

After our heart rates returned to normal, we laughed about our unexpected visitor for a long time.

But one of the funniest and strangest jobs we ever had was at the residential site that had water damage loss. When our estimator arrived at the home to run the estimate he walked into the living room where there were dolls placed on all the couches and chairs facing the television.

There were even more dolls perched on little doll chairs; again they were all pointed towards the tv. Even more surprising, there was a horror movie playing while the dolls watched. There weren’t any people in the room, just the dolls, enjoying an afternoon fright fest.


At Titan Restoration we are working for our clients all day, every day. Our business never stops and we never stop putting our customers and their needs first.

We know that when someone calls us for help, they are dealing with the unexpected and the unwelcome. We are there to make that process a little easier.

We hope that reading some of our experiences in both commercial and residential restoration has allowed you to see what our priorities are. We value Speed, Simplicity, and Quality and we keep these priorities at the forefront of every job we work on.

We know that the faster you can get back to normal, the easier the process is, and the better the work is done, are the things that make the biggest difference for our clients.

We have been in the restoration business for over two decades. Our expertise matches anyone in the industry and our care and concern far surpass anyone else in the restoration business.

We have worked hard to improve our efficiency, our processes, our communication, and our service so that we can always provide the very best product for our customer.

When you call Titan Restoration, we show up for you in every way, at any time, no matter the size or the scope of the job. We will minimize your loss, while not minimizing how challenging the situation can be for you as a homeowner or a business owner.

Titan Restoration of Arizona is here to restore your losses with Speed, Simplicity, and Quality and we are always ready to help.

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