Common Causes of Fire Damage Part 1

Summer is here and one of the quickest ways your summer plans can go up in flames is fire damage. Titan Restoration of AZ encourages you to consider and prevent some of the most common causes of fire damage.

You probably rarely think about fire damage; but sadly, house fires occur every single day. Here is the first half of the most common causes of fire damage:

1) Cooking Equipment
2) Heating Equipment
3) Careless Smoking
4) Electrical Equipment
5) Candles
6) Children playing with fire
7) Inadequate Wiring
8) Flammable Liquids
9) Christmas Trees/Decorations
10) Barbecues

The common causes of fire damage can be easily prevented. Titan Restoration of AZ encourages you to be attentive when using cooking, heating, and using electrical equipment. Also be aware while smoking. Ensure that candles are in a safe spot when lit and be sure to blow the candle out before leaving the room unattended. We also encourage residents of Arizona to teach children about the dangers of fires and make sure to keep matches and lighters out of their reach. Store flammable liquids in proper containers and if possible, store them away from the home in a cool area. Christmas trees and decorations aren’t too big of a concern at this time of year, but it is important to be aware of the dangers that additional lights and a dried tree can create. Finally, barbecue season is here and it is important to keep barbecues away from your home. Be sure to close the gas valve on propane grills when you are not using it.

Titan Restoration of AZ has seen the extreme amount of impact that fire damage can have and we are prepared to respond to any fire damage that you may experience. For 24 hour service please contact us immediately. Feel free to contact us for any additional details.

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