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Contents Restoration Services in Maricopa & Pinal Counties in Phoenix, AZ

Contents Restoration Services in Maricopa & Pinal Counties in Phoenix, AZ

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You can always expect to suffer property loss after a disaster. After a fire or a flood, it is only too common to see drenched appliances and soot-covered furniture. Most homeowners won't think twice about throwing these damaged items out and replacing them quickly. This option can be quite expensive, especially if you are planning to buy a totally brand new replacement. Luckily, we, at Titan Restoration of AZ, have an alternative. We can take your “wrecked” items to see if they are  still salvageable. If they pass the test, then they will receive a second chance through our contents restoration service.

Even if your belongings are banged up, there is a possibility that they can still be repaired. Choosing to restore your damaged items is not only more economical, it can also be good for the heart. This is especially true if the damaged item has a lot of sentimental value, or if it has been in your care for a long time. During our years in the business, we have encountered cases where the homeowner lost more than just their furniture. Their birth certificates and other legal documents were also caught in the disaster, and procuring a replacement was nearly impossible. That is until we came in to take care of the damage.

Contents We Restore

Titan Restoration of AZ understands that various things can get damaged during a disaster. Knowing this, we armed ourselves with techniques to restore wood, paper, or cotton. We handle each type of material accordingly so that the items will not break during the restoration process. We restore:

  • Electrical appliances: electric fans, blenders, air conditioning units, and the like.
  • Documents: birth certificates, old books or files, important legal documents, etc.
  • Furniture: beds, cabinets, couches, among others.

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Even if you think that you can fix all your items through DIY, it is better to leave that task to the professionals. Only a trained expert can distinguish between an item that is salvageable and what is not. Also, by letting us deal with the problem, the repairs will be done correctly and in no time. If you are interested in hiring our services, contact Titan Restoration AZ at 888-267-1924. All of our services are available to properties located in the areas of Maricopa and Pinal Counties in Phoenix, Arizona.