Fire Smoke Odor Removal


What are the most effective fire smoke odor removal methods? There are several methods you can apply to get rid of the smoke odor. First, you need to assess the extent of smoke damage then look for the most ideal method you can follow to get rid of the smoke odor. The exposure time also affects the way you can get rid of the odor. The burnt materials and the size of the house determine the method you can use to get rid of the smoke odor. Here are some smoke removal tips.

Fire Smoke Odor Removal

Air out Your HomeFire Smoke Odor Removal

You can get rid of some of the smoke odor by letting in fresh air. Open all windows and doors and the air will circulate in your house which will lead to clearing the bad odor. To accelerate the odor removal process, you can use fans to speed up the circulation of free air and lead to diluting and even removing the smoke odor from your house.

Remove Curtains and Drapes

In a house fire, the drapes and the curtains will take in the smoke odor. In order to remove the odor, you need to remove the curtains and wash them, using a detergent that can eliminate the smoke odor. A scented detergent will be more likely to eliminate the odor and smell cleaner.

Wash Solid Surfaces

There are some surfaces which may have trapped ashes and smoke. You need to clean those surfaces in your effort to get rid of the smoke odor. There are different cleaning detergents you can apply for the purpose. Using a cleaner designed to clean wood surfaces can help in removing the bad odor from your floors and other hard surfaces.

Clean Carpet and Upholstery

The carpet and the upholstery will tend to trap odors. You can remove the smoke smells with baking soda. Spreading the baking soda on the affected area can absorb the smoke odors from your carpet. You can as well apply other carpet cleaning detergents which can eliminate the smell.

Wash Window Screens

The window screens will absorb the odor from the burning substances in your home. In order to remove the bad smell, you need to wash the window screens. Use of a dish soap or shampoo can work well in helping you clean the dirt deposited due to the dark smoke produced by burning items in your home.

Clean Light Fixtures

Smoke will get deposited on light fixtures. In normal cases, smoke will tend to rise up and get deposited on light fixtures. You can remove the light fixtures and clean them thoroughly before you return them.

Mop Hard Floors

To remove smoke from hard floors, you need to mop them thoroughly. Apply water mixed with detergent during the cleaning process so that you can get rid of the smoke smell.

Use Vinegar

If after applying the above methods there are still smoke in your house, then you need to take things to another level. You need to proceed and apply vinegar. Place it in a bowl and let it evaporate in the room to suppress the smoke smell.

Bottom Line

What are some of the effective fire smoke odor removal procedures? Air flow, strong laundry detergent, and baking soda are some of the ways to eliminate smoke odors from your home. Be sure to also clean the windows and light fixtures. If the odors from the fire are extensive, Titan Restoration of AZ specializes in fire damage restoration.

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