Titan Restoration of Arizona Launches a New Company for Environmental Services

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Titan Environmental

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Titan Restoration with its newly launched Environmental Services is offering helping hand to valley home and business owners

[MESA, ARIZONA, September 20, 2018—] Titan Restoration of Arizona announced to expand the restoration services to the Phoenix Valley with the launch of a new company today, Titan Environmental. Titan Environmental is planning to provide environmental cleanup and restoration services which also include asbestos abatement, lead abatement, contaminated soil remediation, hazardous waste removal and management and many other environmental services.

Titan Restoration, a longtime leader and believer in the restoration industry presents this new enterprise allowing them to better address health and safety risks that accompany environmental services projects.

“We are excited about this new venture,” said the owner and CEO, Russ Palmer, “Titan Environmental  will allow us to offer more in-house services to meet the sufficient needs of our clients, with great service and expert levels which they can expect under their name.”

Titan Restoration, being Arizona’s leading restoration experts, is willing to expand their services to meet the needs of the valley’s complicated environmental restoration. Also, Titan is excited to have Mike Moore, an experienced and well-known asbestos professional, working and guiding the team.

Titan Restoration of Arizona is a full-service restoration company, skilled in commercial, residential, and environmental restoration and dedicated to minimizing loss for our clients.  No matter the size and scope of your project we have the advanced equipment, technical expertise, and professional experience to restore your property and your peace of mind. Find us at megang15.sg-host.com.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Rachel Stewart at 480-649-5050, or email rachel@megang15.sg-host.com.

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