Mold grows in damp and wet conditions, and when it is allowed to grow in buildings and homes, it can cause serious health issues, including respiratory complications, allergic reactions, and severe nervous system disorders and even cancer.

Whether it’s from a small, persistent leak or a sudden house flood, any untreated or unresolved water damage can lead to mold.  When mold is discovered, it must be treated like any hazardous material and requires the proper handling, removal, and protection measures.

At Titan Restoration, we are experts at mold remediation and removal.  Our technicians have advanced training and industry-leading techniques to completely eliminate the mold infestation and restore your property without risk of further growth or dispersal.

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Mold is hazardous and can cause serious health risks, but we have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to clean, eradicate, eliminate the threat.  We’ve seen and handled it all.  Call Titan Restoration for fast, efficient, courteous service and industry-leading expertise to  restore your property and your peace of mind.

Mold Remediation Services

Effects of Mold

Mold is a type of fungus made up of small biologic organisms that are found almost everywhere. They thrive on moisture and play an important role in nature in breaking down organic materials. But in your home, they release spores into the air that are not dissipated like they are outside; this allows them to be easily inhaled causing serious health problems.

If you suspect or spot mold growth in your property, take decisive action and seek professional assistance.  The problem will not go away without proper remediation and removal.  Once it starts, mold growth is relentless and spreads spores throughout the property.

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Serious Health Risks from Mold

You do not have to touch or ingest mold for it to make you sick.  Mold spores are released into the air, allowing them to land on your skin and be inhaled.  Mold is known to cause the following health problems:

  • Skin irritation – Some people have skin that’s sensitive to mold spores and their tubular hyphae. This can result in redness and itching for these individuals.
  • Allergic reactions and asthma attacks – When mold spores are inhaled, there’s a wide variety of respiratory disorders that can ensue. People with strong immune systems may not feel the effects, but other people can experience wheezing and watering in their noses.  People with pre-existing allergies to mold can experience more severe symptoms. The greatest concern would be for people with asthma.  Mold can trigger attacks and make breathing very difficult for afflicted individuals.
  • Neurotoxicity – Under certain conditions, regular black mold can produce poisonous mycotoxins.  When this happens the result can include headaches, nausea and malaise as the most mild symptoms.   Neurotoxicity in the worst cases can cause bleeding and sever migraines; even some cancers have been linked to mycotoxin exposure.

The effects of mold are more hazardous to people with weak respiratory and immune systems due to pre-existing conditions like asthma or allergies.  Children, infants and the elderly run a higher risk of infection as well.

If you have water damage, make sure it is completely dried and restored properly and be vigilant about protecting your property from mold.  If you have mold in your residential or commercial property, you need to hire experts to remove and eliminate the mold and avoid serious health risks.  Titan Restoration has been in the business of mold removal since 1996.  We gladly service any property within Maricopa and Pinal Counties of Arizona to restore your property and your peace of mind.

Don’t Try to Clean Up Mold Yourself

For your safety, if you don’t have the right training and equipment for proper mold cleanup efforts, we suggest leaving this to professional experts.   Traditional bleaching has been scientifically proven to make the problem worse, and it is impossible to detect how many mold spore particles there are in the property’s indoor air.  You need protective clothing, masks, and proper ventilation before you can begin.  Removal must be done according to hazardous materials specifications and requires knowledge and experience.

Rely on the professionals at Titan Restoration to completely eradicate the most infestation and restore your property.  When you choose us as your mold abatement contractors, you can rest assured that we will take precautions to eliminate every trace of mold that may be hidden within your walls, floors and ceilings.  We are mold remediation and removal experts with decades of experience.

We guarantee the shortest downtime possible and we make follow-up checks to ensure that every trace of mold has been removed from your property.

Titan Pro Tips

do tips

  • Reducing humidity to 30-60%.
  • Ensure adequate ventilation in high moisture spaces such as bathrooms and laundry rooms.  Including checking and using exhaust fans and windows (if the outside humidity is lower than the inside humidity) to eliminate condensation.
  • Repair plumbing leaks or other water issues and dry the affected area utilizing dehumidifiers and open windows, when weather permits.
  • Clean hard surfaces with soap and water and allow to dry thoroughly.
  • Determine whether softer, porous materials such as carpeting, ceiling tiles, and upholstery are salvageable. Clean and dry the materials thoroughly when possible.
  • Refrain from repainting or caulking any impacted surfaces until it has been treated by a professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the water damage drying process take?

Depending on the amount of water involved and the extent of the flooding, each situation is different. Most properties take approximately 3-5 days to dry completely. A number of factors can make a difference in drying time including location, amount and duration of saturation, and the source of the water. Other factors include the type of building materials, weather conditions and humidity levels, and how quickly emergency services are started after the flood. The earlier drying can begin after a flood, the greater chance there is of preventing more costly repairs. We preform ongoing and consistent monitoring of moisture content readings to ensure the most effective and efficient drying procedures to get you back to preloss condition as quickly as possible.

Do you bill my insurance company?

We work directly with many insurance carriers and we can help walk you through the process of filing a claim. In most cases we can submit paperwork and documents to your insurance company and directly bill your insurance company for our services. Be prepared to supply any supporting materials for the claim, including your claim number, policy number, and insurance company information. We work with most insurance companies to cover the cost of our services. However, in the case that your claim isn’t covered by your insurance provider you will be responsible for all payments.

When do I need to pay?

We will work directly with your insurance company throughout the claims process, and your payment is due when you receive a check from your insurance company. If you decide not to file a claim and self-pay instead, payment is due at the time of service.

Do I need to move out?

Every restoration job is different in scope and severity. Depending on the type of work and duration of the project, it may be necessary to move out of your home temporarily. In the case of mild water damage, we do not require that residents move out during the drying process, however, there are several things to consider when deciding where to reside. Safety should always be your primary concern. Our equipment is as childproof as possible, but we request your supervision in making sure that children do not play with the equipment. Additionally, air movers and dehumidifiers will create some noise and make your property drafty for a few days. If you feel that this is too much of an inconvenience or poses risks to you, consider finding an alternate place to stay until we complete the restoration process.

Can I turn the equipment off?

No. Turning off the equipment not only slows the drying process down, but your insurance provider may not pay for extra days of drying due to the equipment being powered off. The faster an area can be dried, the greater the chances of limiting further damage and preventing the growth of mold.

What is your Emergency Services response time?

We respond to emergencies 24/7 and dispatch our crews as soon as we get your call. We understand how important it is to act quickly in order to prevent further damage and we are proud of our quick response times.

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Leading Experts in Mold Disaster Restoration in Arizona

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