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Put your trust in the experts in mold removal in Phoenix and Tucson, AZ and surrounding areas. If you have discovered mold in your house or commercial property, it’s critical that you have an expert remediation company with specialists in mold and mildew removal handle the problem for you.









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When you hire Titan Restoration, you have one of the best mold removal companies in Arizona on your side. Titan’s technicians are the leaders in the industry, with the most advanced training and techniques to completely eliminate the entire mold infestation and fully repair the damage to your property without any risk of further growth or dispersal.

Mold in your house or commercial property poses a very serious risk and is not to be taken lightly. It can cause a plethora of health issues, including respiratory complications, allergic reactions, severe nervous system disorders and even cancer — so mold must be treated like any hazardous material, requiring expert handling, removal process and protection measures.

Is Titan Right For Your Project?

Mold is a serious hazard to your property and human health — don’t take a chance on a company without the knowledge, experience, and cutting-edge equipment to properly eradicate this threat. At Titan, we’ve seen and handled it all, and can restore your property and your peace of mind as soon as possible.

Your project is a fit for our industry-leading mold remediation services if;

  • You have a mold infestation (black mold, or any other type of mold or mildew) of any size in your home or building.
  • You are based anywhere in Phoenix or Tucson or any of the surrounding areas.
  • You know, or don’t know, what caused the mold. Most mold comes from water damage, but sometimes the cause is not obvious.
  • You are looking for a company to handle the entire project for you, including handling your insurance, the complete removal of the mold infestation, restoring all damage to your property, etc.

The Dangers
of Mold

Whether it’s from a small, persistent leak or a sudden house flood, any untreated or unresolved water damage can lead to mold. 

If you suspect or spot mold growth in your property, take decisive action and seek professional assistance. The problem will not go away without proper remediation and removal. Once it starts, mold growth is relentless and spreads spores throughout the property.

You do not have to touch or ingest mold for it to make you sick — mold spores are released into the air, allowing them to land on your skin and be inhaled.  Mold is a serious hazard to human health and can cause a plethora of health problems if left untreated,, such as skin irritation, allergic reactions, asthma attacks, neurotoxicity (which can cause headaches and migraines, nausea, malaise, bleeding, and cancer).

Why Choose

Titan Restoration

Mold is a serious health hazard and requires specialized techniques and equipment to properly eradicate — leave mold removal to the experts.

Put your trust in the professionals at Titan Restoration to completely eradicate the mold infestation and restore your property. With over 20 years of experience leading the industry in mold remediation, you can rest assured that we will take precautions to eliminate every trace of mold that may be hidden within your walls, floors and ceilings. And, we will make follow-up checks to ensure that your property remains free of mold.

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Do’s and Don’ts After Discovering Mold

It’s scary to discover mold in your home or building. And you may want to jump to cleaning it right away to eliminate as much as you can yourself as fast as possible. But that is the worst thing you can do. Follow these do’s and don’ts to handle a mold infestation the best way possible.


  • Call an expert mold remediation company as soon as you discover mold in your property.
  • Tend to water damage within 12-24 hours, and repair plumbing leaks or any other water issues and dry the affected area as soon as possible.
  • Determine whether softer, porous materials such as carpeting, ceiling tiles, and upholstery are salvageable. Clean and dry the materials thoroughly when possible.
  • Refrain from repainting or caulking any impacted surfaces until it has been treated by a professional.
  • Reduce humidity to 30-60%.


  • Don’t try to clean up mold yourself — call the professionals.
  • Do not use bleach on mold. Bleach has been scientifically proven to make the problem worse.
  • Don’t wipe or scrub mold, as the spores will automatically become airborne and can easily travel and contaminate other parts of your property.
  • Don’t rely on regular air filters, as they will not work to eliminate mold particles, and can actually make things worse. Only use HEPA filters!
  • Never forgo hiring a water damage restoration company when you have experienced water damage — this will likely lead to mold!





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