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Casa Grande, AZ loses tens of thousands of dollars each year to disasters of all sizes, big and small. Fire damage, flooding, storms and hail can all inflict heavy damage to residential or commercial properties, making the restoration process a complicated matter.   Water, fire and Storm damage Restoration service in Cashion, AZ Residue from disasters can harm other parts of your property and threaten the health of the people or pets inhabiting it. If water, fire or wind has damaged your property, call Titan Restoration immediately for help.

Titan Restoration is a full service restoration provider that’s been operating in the greater Casa Grande area since 1998. With state of the art equipment, a wealth of experience and scientific practices, we are your best choice when you’re dealing with the aftermath of fire or water damage. We pride ourselves in our ability to contain the damage, neutralize the hazards and complete successful restoration work that will bring your place back to how you remember it.

Casa Grande’s Premier Provider of Restoration

In the past 14 years, we’ve built a pristine reputation as the leading restoration company in the greater Casa Grande, AZ area. Our success has stemmed from focusing on safety, customer satisfaction and providing the highest value possible for our work. Throughout this time, we’ve helped hundreds of home and business owners quickly get back on track after a disaster happened. Our staff is 100% committed to making your household or workplace as good as it was before things went awry.

Call us today at 888-267-1924 to learn how we can help you. We are on standby 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you in times of need. For non-urgent inquiries, you can use the Contact form and we’ll get back to you through email.

A ladmark of Casa Grande in Arizona

Learn About Casa Grande, Arizona

Casa Grande is a city in Pinal County, Arizona. It has a total area of 109.67 square miles and a population of 48,571. The city is named after the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument. The name means “big house” in Spanish.

The city was founded in 1879 and was originally named Terminus. The first five residents came to the area during the time of the American mining boom. Later on, railroad officials renamed the place Casa Grande. The city had meagrer beginnings and was nearly deserted after the mining boom ran its course. However, agriculture kept Casa Grande going until it was incorporated in 1915.

The city has grown significantly in terms of population and infrastructure in recent years. Today, it has a sizeable population that is racially diverse. Casa Grande has a desert climate with lots of sunshine and little rainfall every year.

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