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Fire, Water, and Disaster Restoration in Chandler Heights, AZ

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Disasters can strike without warning and accidents can happen to the most careful of people. When the elements collide with the environment, the unthinkable happens. Homes can get gutted by a fire or a typhoon can unleash torrents and torrents of rain in order to flood towns and cities. Although these things are beyond human control, we can choose to limit their effects and the length of time we have to bear the damage they cause.

Professional remediation and restoration services in Chandler Heights, AZ

When you choose to stand and recover, let Titan Restoration carry you through the restoration and reconstruction process.

Titan Restoration has been serving the people of Chandler Heights, AZ and the surrounding communities in and around Maricopa County for more than 16 years now. Our flood damage technicians, estimators and superintendents have more than 40 years of experience between them and will skillfully remove the by-products of the disaster from your home, fix the damaged material of the structure, and help recover precious items like waterlogged documents or fire-damaged furniture. Titan Restoration will see you through this difficult time with the utmost professionalism, fixing up your home or commercial establishment with efficiency.

  Water, fire and Storm damage Restoration service in Cashion, AZ

You don’t have to stay down because Titan Restoration will see you through until your home is fixed.

We cannot stop disasters from happening but we do not have to live long with their consequences. Titan has done more than 7,000 restoration projects to date and have turned our customers into restoration believers. Trust in our company to get your house and your life back on track by giving us your business. Please get in touch with us through our 888-267-1924 or through our Contact Us page in our website. We are available to work for you 24/7 because restoration and recovery can strike anytime after a disaster happens.


A landmark of Carefree in Arizona

Learn about Chandler Heights, AZ

Chandler Heights is an 11 mile community southeast of Chandler Heights, Arizona. The area has parts in Pinal and Maricopa counties. It is currently unincorporated but certain points of it are due for annexation by Gilbert and Queen Creek. The US Postal Service had a Zip Code for Chandler Heights but abolished it and now uses “Queen Creek” to connote the wider locale where addresses are based. 

A 309 acre park is being planned by the city of Gilbert for the Chandler Heights Basin and construction will begin once the city gains ownership of the land. The park is being envisioned to be a hub of recreational activity within the region and will therefore provide jobs and income opportunities for residents of the city and its surrounding communities.

Completed Jobs from Chandler Heights, AZ
September 15, 2014

We extracted the water from the carpet & left it to dry in place.  This saved the homeowner money by salvaging the carpet & pad.  We also checked with the homeowner to see if they wanted us to check the walls for moisture, before doing any additional work.