Titan Restoration of Arizona Named #1 Business for Second Year in a Row

Titan Restoration of AZ


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Business Networksnames Titan Restoration its #1 business in the network

[MESA, ARIZONA, October 26, 2018—] Titan Restoration of Arizona was just awarded the honor of being named the #1 business in Business Networks this year. Business Networks is a national organization of remodelers and restorers, using peer-review to improve industry practices, efficiency, and profitability. This is the second time in a row that Titan Restoration has been named #1 business in the network.

Titan Restoration has proven to be a leader in the restoration industry, and their expertise is making a difference to other companies around the country. After a recent site visit from another network company, Greg Anapol wrote of their company’s experience, “There is nothing like a site visit of a top performing organization to jump-start change in an organization thought to be on the top of their game.”

“Of course this is a huge honor,” said owner and CEO, Russ Palmer, “because our ranking allows other companies to seek us out to improve their own techniques and processes. But even more than that, it means the things we are doing and practices and strategies we are implementing in our restoration work is providing an excellent product for our customers. And that’s what really counts.”

Titan Restoration of Arizona is proud to represent Business Networks as the #1 business for two consecutive rankings and plans to continue their work meeting and exceeding industry expectations.

Titan Restoration of Arizona and Titan Environmental are full-service restoration companies, skilled in commercial, residential, and environmental restoration and dedicated to minimizing loss for our clients. No matter the size and scope of your project we have the advanced equipment, technical expertise, and professional experienceto restore your property and your peace of mind. Find us at megang15.sg-host.com.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Rachel Stewart at 480-649-5050, or email rachel@megang15.sg-host.com.

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